The National Park "Preak Toul" on the Tonle Sap lake

National Park "Preak Toul" and Bird Sanctuary

Prek Toal is located about an hour west of Chong Khneas, and is the usual jumping off point for visits to this bird lover's paradise. More than a Bird Sanctuary! Prek Toal is the name of the village located near the bird sanctuary. The village of Preak Toal is an interesting place to visit in its own righ and has few tourists as most come on day trips to the Bird Sanctuary. Situated on the Sangkar River on the Opposite banks of the Tonle Sap From Siem Reap; this is a relatively prosperous fishing community with over a thousand house boats and land houses.




Day Tours Itinerary : Siem Reap to Preak Toul

Morning: Transfer from your accommodation in Siem Reap to the boat pier of the Tonle Sap. You start with a boat ride along the surrounding flooded mangrove forests and enjoy the biosphere. You'll arrive then at the floating village of Preak Tuol and enjoy the specific atmosphere.

The Guide will bring you to the nearby floating village of Chong Kneas, including the schools, restaurants, and shops, all moored in the middle of this massive lake. Then you will be guided to Preak Tuol, one of the many National Parks around Tonle Sap Lake. Preak Tuol's vast aquatic riches contains Southeast Asia's only colony of spot-billed pelicans. It has largest known flocks of oriental darter, painted stork and black-headed ibis in Southeast Asia. Twenty percent of the world's greater adjutant's storks live in Preak Tuol. It is the only known breeding area in the region for the milky stork no wonder that this area is a veritable bird watcher's paradise.

You will be guided by a local guide working for European Commission who operates a prevention project at the Bird Reserve.

Have your lunch served on the boat.

Back to your accommodation in Mom's GuestHouse in Siem Reap.

Here are some images taken on recent trips to Prek Toal and The Bird Sanctuary




Included in this Mini-Tour to the National Park "Preak Toul" on the Tonle Sap Lake:

  • Transportation from Siem Reap to the the National Park
  • Professional English-speaking Tour Guide
  • Entry Fees to the National Park "Preak Toul" and the Bird Sanctuary
  • Entry Fees and Tickets for the floating village
  • Boat Tickets and Transfers to the National Park
  • Lunch served aboard the boat and fresh water
  • Transportation back to Siem Reap